Thursday, February 3, 2011


To: California Governor Jerry Brown
Fr: Zuma Dogg (Plaintiff)
Re: Los Angeles City Council - MILLIONS & MILLIONS WASTED (Fraud, Waste & Abuse)
Dt: February 3, 2011

Dear Governor Brown,

First of all, thank you for following me on Twitter!

Secondly, please look into the millions and millions of dollars being wasted on resources, city attorney hours, LAPD time and resources and attorney fees and settlements...all over the matter of DOWD/DOGG vs City of Los Angeles regarding ordiance 42.15 at Venice Beach, CA.

On October 21, 2010, The Honorable Judge Dean D. Pregerson ruled in favor of 12 plaintiffs (all performers protected under 1st Amendment) and placed an injunction on much of the city's illegal and unconstitutional rules on Venice Beach.

Since then, DOWD/DOGG, et al have been negotiating in good faith with the city, without involving attorneys, in an attempt to save money for the city. (Since we already had the injunction, no need to hire attorneys to start making it four or five times more expensive for the city.)

HOWEVER, after recent discussions, as recently as today, I have lost good faith in my negotiations with the city. And at this point, I would urge you to look into the matter, because it really is a most CLASSIC case of fraud, waste and abuse.

They FRAUDULENTLY enforce ILLEGAL law and are BUSTED by a Federal Judge.
The WASTE comes from all the time (five years) the city attorney and council office spent creating and defending this clear loser of an ordinance. Plus, all the time LAPD spends with the city attorney trying to sort it all out. All the enforcement (LAPD SENDS UNDERCOVER STING OPERATIONS to prove people selling a pack of incense for one dollar a pack for "fixing a price."

And the ABUSE comes from the fact that I was told by the mayor's office, "The City of Los Angeles runs the City of Los Angeles, and if you don't like it SUE." And then, how they ABUSED their power by enforcing ILLEGAL LAW IN VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION when they had ample warning on the record that this was the case. And the ABUSE of power in their failure to settle this matter in a timely fashion, because they are embarrassed to have to pay a bunch of low-income people from the beach. (They settle with cronies at the drop of a campaign glass.)

So Jerry, look into it, if possible. Cause I see you are serious about matters in your intent to shut-off community redevelopment money. You are correct in your assessment. Me personally, I think if you shut off the CRA money, it will keep a lot of people out of prison, probably. Cause CRA/LA is CERTAINLY a topic of interest with FEDERAL AUTHORITIES from my understanding, as it relates to pension fraud and relationships of the developers getting the money as they connect to council and the mayor.

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PS: Tell Gavin I said, "What's up! And I don't NEED to be that good looking!"

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