Saturday, June 4, 2011

L.A. City News Update for 6/4/11 (Tweets & Recent Posts)

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NEW (Late Friday Night): FBI, Eric Holder, Obama Justice Department, Federal Grand Jury: Details on MORE Alleged CORRUPTION Under Villaraiogsa's City Hall (Pensions, Housing)

A LOT OF VIEWS (based on link from Thanks!): L.A. City Councilmembers and Local Media Weigh In With Comments About L.A.'s Local Phenomenon, "Zuma Dogg"

SEE TWITTER FEED on left side of this blog. (Tweets from past 24 hours):
  • COMMENTS TURNED ON: Turned on the "allow comments" switch on my ( blog. Good clues come in. less than a minute ago
  • CITY HALL: Read it and weep. And hope your tears don't rust your handcuffs. YOU KEPT ME AROUND, UNSETTLED, WAY TOO LONG! about an hour ago
  • (cont) So if City Hall is gonna keep giving ZD a hard time and still not even settle their loser, ZD NEEDS TO SHAKE TREES HARDER. NEXT POST! about 2 hours ago
  • The City of L.A. is SO STUBBORN in their treatment of Zuma Dogg, to the point he can't even comment, cause he has a $750/hr attorney. (cont) about 2 hours ago
  • @Villaraigosa Shakes Up Transportation Agency, Installs Reformers. (Our Villar=Installs reformer, one day. Indicted by Feds, the next.) about 2 hours ago
  • ZD="Master of All He Observes Via His Exclusive Google Stats: Don't know who "Rudy Svorinich" is, but the political operatives are looking. about 2 hours ago
  • PENSION FRAUD (cont): 49 CalPERS execs being investigated for "gifts." Will be giving up the BIG FISH CORRUPTION (blogged by ZD) in NO time. about 3 hours ago
  • PENSION FRAUD: Cuomo busted a bunch of folks from L.A., last year. (ZD blogged about it all.) Now, I think it's the FEDS turn. (cont...) about 3 hours ago
  • INVESTIGATION into 49 CalPERS honchos over gift taking. MUCH BIGGER WILL COME OUT OF IT. (Like pulled over for headlight, with coke in car.) about 3 hours ago
  • STOKED: Complained to Stickam about an inappropriate MTV ad running on my player. I think they took ALL ADS OFF! (Now, music auto-streams.) about 3 hours ago
  • LUCKY ZD (Where the LADIES @?): SFGayGuys My Top Gay! => RT @zumadogg... [ZD=TOP WITH SF GAYS, and still get to be unkempt and messy! RARE!] about 4 hours ago
  • Thanks to laist for linking to ZD at his Andy Kaufmanesque, narcissistic fullest! (That's how I get when I'm desperate!) about 4 hours ago
  • Since I'm retired w/out anything paid to do, put all the bitter energy into working out. My life is empty, but at least my abs look better. about 11 hours ago
  • LAPD'S CASE FALLING APART, BECAUSE THEY'RE WEAK VINDICTIVE, CLOWNS: Stowe parole violation NOT linked to Stowe beating: about 11 hours ago
  • @villaraigosa: At inaugural LGBT Heritage Month opening ceremonies. (Never more at home and comfortable, Antonio, are you. ZD won't tell. ;) about 11 hours ago
  • Judge says not enough evidence to hold Giovanni Ramirez for beating at Dodger Stadium, but can be held on other poss. parole violations. about 12 hours ago
  • NEXT VILLAR APPOINTEE TO BE INDICTED AND ARRESTED?: Elevator Shoe Wearing Mayor Nominates His Aid to take over DOT. about 12 hours ago
  • ASHAMED OF YOUR RECORD, JANICE?: Janice Hahn trying to change ballot designation from "L.A. Councilmember," to "Local Councilmember." LOL! 1 day ago
  • "We will know by July 31, one way or another," - AEG's Tim Leiweke on L.A. Football Stadium. (Good luck!) 1 day ago
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