Thursday, June 9, 2011

L.A. City News ALERT: L.A. City Hall Bamboozling Through AEG "Farmer's Field" Football Stadium in EARLY MORNING SPECIAL MEETING! (Oh,The SHADINESS!)

  • LA Council to bamboozle through AEG "Farmer's Field" Football Oasis @ Special Thurs morning 8:30am Planning Corruption meeting...I mean Planning Committee meeting. Here's what Councilman Koretz thinks: "One mis-step and it can push the city into bankruptcy." - TV 35/City Council meeting
See item here:

A. Advance Calendar
B. Commission Request
C. Discussion of creation of a subcommittee to review and discuss with City staff the proposed Convention Center Modernization and Farmers Field Event Center Project. (Looks like it will more than proposed by the time you wake up and read this.)

Click here to see shadiness. Wonder how far they'll go at this special meeting at 8:30am? Of course this is when the recommendations will be made to present to council. Paul Koretz said his only concern on this deal is, "one mis-step and it can push the city into bankruptcy." (Don't be a PUSSY! BE LIKE MICK JAGGER & THE STONES AND TUMBLE THEM DICE, Y'ALL!)

ZUMA TWEETS for 6/9/11 (Early Edition)
  • Delta charges Iraqi war soldiers $2800 for their baggage? AN OUTRAGE! I say $25...$2600 TOPS! Screw Delta! less than a minute ago
  • Remember that big @Villaraiogsa "green energy" train manufacturing company to be a big $ boost to L.A. Word just out=BIG MONEY LOSER. DEAD! 47 minutes ago
  • RT @mayorsam: "@zumadogg perp walks anyone?" (ZD: On constant wire-watch. Will know as soon as cuffs clink. These Feds take longer than ZD.) 51 minutes ago
  • COMMON, Y'ALL...I'm scared to go to sleep cause I'm gonna wake up with $0.00 and I'm already hungry. After all of THIS!: :-( 53 minutes ago
  • RT @mayorsam: @zumadogg say what? (ZD: Say "what" again.) 59 minutes ago
  • Was just wondering when some of these FED indictments would hit, and a song popped into my head: "I Can Feel it COMING in the Air, TONIGHT!" about an hour ago
  • FOUR (4) TWEETS DOWN, Y'ALL: (Don't take it lightly!) about an hour ago
  • @Villaraigosa is SCREWED! He NEEDED that money to cover his "spilled milk"/cover budget. RT @CNBC: "We Are Not Going to Get More Stimulus": about an hour ago
  • RT @CNBC: "We Are Not Going to Get More Stimulus": (OH NO, @Villaraigosa won't have money to had to cronies for over-priced project work.) about an hour ago
  • Just wrote a song, "Still Crazy After All These Years." But someone said someone already did that one. So it's, "Still Bitter/Cranky..." about an hour ago
  • ZD needs a PayPal donation, this morning, to prevent -- you know what! Help prevent that & help keep the blog hummin' at peak viewer levels. about an hour ago
  • NUCH=TUMBLIN' DICE: If L.A. loses "Conduct Code" (I bet YES), N.W.A. can show up and start rappin' their "Greatest Hits" for public comment! about an hour ago
  • If the city doesn't settle Dowd/Dogg's "Conduct Code" lawsuit and judge rules AGAINST CITY (as I think he will), CODE will be abolished. DOH about an hour ago
  • I've said all along, reason L.A. should settle ZD's code of conduct suit BEFORE a judge rules is, if they lose, swearing is IN! Not about $. about an hour ago
  • Mike Hunt & Attorney cashed a check from L.A.City General Fund for $475,000, last week! ZD & 10 others, ON DECK! City hasn't settled, yet. about an hour ago
  • If City Attorney is asking for extensions on ticket prosecutions, imagine BIG stuff they're blowing. But bleeding office dry over ZD's suit! about an hour ago
  • Nuch's LA City Attorney office now reduced to asking Judge's for extensions on ticket prosecutions. Main excuse included: RV dumping issue. about an hour ago
  • Officials weighing privatization at LAX, which could save taxpayers millions (Cronies get rich. Watch for kickbacks.) about an hour ago
  • L.A. wouldn't DO something like that!: Lawsuit filed on behalf of homeless vets, over land donated to LA to house vets. about an hour ago
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