Friday, June 10, 2011

WEEK IN REVIEW: L.A. Affordable Housing Developer Investigation, Parking Meter Audit, Tony Cardenas Running For Congress & MORE L.A. City Corruption

[PICTURED: New artist interpretation from L.A. City News reader. It's called, "The Dark Prophet." (Dark Knight already taken.)]

MY BLOG READERS ARE life is slipping away as I become more desperate and isolated, each day. My neighbor reached out to me, for first time since I lived in this area for over a year, inviting me to a "get together." But I'm so needy (the desperation of stress from being penniless broke), I can't be in public, especially with people I'm meeting for first time. So I just stayed inside and blogged, angrily as I continue to slip away into a desperate, degenerate rut of isolation. Why do people read this blog? If I am this alone, broke and isolated, there can't be that much value? You must be a TOTAL no-life loser. Here's a comment from facebook from this hour: Zack Warren: "ZD, You need a show." See my *reply at the bottom of this post...because:

  • No more space in City Hall parking garage for all the FBI Investigators.
  • Subcontractor says L.A. affordable-housing funds were diverted to remodel Glendale councilman's home 4 minutes ago
  • LAPD facing staffing shortage unless union agrees to overtime rules, Beck says 2 minutes ago
  • LAPD Chief Charlie Beck threatens to pare down special units 3 minutes ago
  • How many parking meters does LA have & how much $$ is collected? Audit claims the city may not know: 3 minutes ago
  • Audit: LA Parking Meters Poorly Managed: An audit suggests Los Angeles' Department of Transportation keeps poor ... 3 minutes ago
  • Mayor moves to change leadership at troubled housing authority 3 minutes ago
  • Prosecutors raid homes of former Coliseum officials in ethics probe 4 minutes ago
  • RT @DragnetLA: ZD, Have you seen the YouTube on #Trutanich's broken promises? (Yes. It set me off. WATCH IT PEOPLE!) 7 minutes ago
  • When I say an organized crime member is running for Congress, I don't mean TONY CARDENAS. I mean BOB CARDENAS, based on fictional character. 13 minutes ago
  • If Michael Corleone can run for Senator, why can't Tony Cardenas run for Congress? Throw in Tony Soprano & Scareface and we have Dem House! 17 minutes ago
  • SHOULD HAVE USED "ALL TEMER-CHEER" at the laundromat, Holmes! (Reports now say blood stained shirt from dry cleaners linked to G. Ramierz.) 20 minutes ago
  • Good blog about Carmen Trutanich from another former "Nuch" supporter. (Like everyone else. FORMER!): 23 minutes ago
  • @DragnetLA His own words hang him out to dry. I called a mutual friend when I heard, out of concern. They laughed and said, "Sports injury!" 37 minutes ago
  • RT @KFINEWS Mechanic @ Six Flags Magic Mountain gets cut on his arm when roller coaster jammed. (Unless arm is cut OFF, is that newsworthy?) 45 minutes ago
  • SCORE ONE FOR THE DOGG: Never know what's gonna hit w/other bloggers. This ZD tweet about Nuch did:, 50 minutes ago
  • Trutanich taking a BEATING by all the bloggers who SUPPORTED him, last election. Sheriff Baca is gonna have to knock door to door, for Nuch. about an hour ago
  • Some lenders allegedly deny mortgages to women on maternity leave. (So what? Tell 'em to re-apply after maternity leave! Stop whinin' ;-) about an hour ago
  • Weiner says online contact with teen not indecent. (PLEASE do not claim, "constituent OUTREACH!") about an hour ago
  • @Villaraigosa took campaign money from ADI developers, currently under SERIOUS investigation. So have OTHER L.A. candidates since 1999. about an hour ago
  • I've been accused of being narcissistic-delusional, but I DO think I chummed the waters on current swarm of FBI agents @ L.A. City Hall.
  • Someone sent me a pic they made I call, "The Dark Prophet." Why does a comedic performer call himself, "dark?" (See "Jackie Gleason Story!") about 2 hours ago
  • Kevin James will probably run better campaign than Walter Moore did, but won't do as well, cause this time MANY ELECTED OFFICIALS running. about 2 hours ago
  • Although ZD will probably put his name on LA mayor ballot, too, I think Kevin James will be a better candidate than Walter Moore (...cont.) about 2 hours ago
  • Wasn't too happy when they put Mark Levin on KABC, bumping local talk. But DAMN, the guy's a HILARIOUS comedian. ZD's long-lost Dogg Father? about 2 hours ago
  • FORGET ABOUT whether you agree with his politics, or not; but, DAMN did Mark Levin/KABC have me laughing out loud, today, on his Obama rant. about 2 hours ago
  • RT @RickOrlov: My email account was hacked. I apologize to all who received the spam. (That's what A. Weiner said, at first, too, y'all!) about 2 hours ago
  • People are SO out of step w/Hollywood. Hollywood CONVINCED no one would watch ZD. What is wrong with you 100,000's of people who watch ZD? about 2 hours ago
  • BREAKING NEWS: FCC warns Fox 11 "Good Day L.A." Lauren Sanchez, "too hot for early morning TV." Management agrees to limit her to after 10p.
  • VILLARAIGOSA PSAs on 405 closure: English: Spanish: (He stutters like crack-head in BOTH languages.) about 2 hours ago
  • Reports coming over the wire that blood stained jersey dry cleaners turned in to police, IS linked to G. Ramirez/Dodger's beating suspect. about 3 hours ago
  • FBI ALERT: Investigated L.A. Councilman, currently soliciting for "Legal Defense Fund," Tony… about 3 hours ago
  • Investigated L.A. Councilman, currently soliciting for "Legal Defense Fund," Tony Cardenas running for new re-zone Congress district. FBI!!! about 3 hours ago
  • CalPERS under scrutiny for deleting emails after 60 days, even though under FED investigation. Villaobos mentioned. about 7 hours ago
  • Violent crime down in LA County Sheriff's patrol areas. (I HOPE so, that's what they're paid for. Litter down in areas with trash removal.) about 11 hours ago
  • The USS John Paul Jones anchors off Malibu (When is the USS Jimmy Page going to anchor off? I'm waiting for that!) about 11 hours ago
  • THINK I WENT TOO FAR!: Was mad at friend for trying to spin me. I said, "You're the same to me as @EricGarcetti." He said, "FIGHTING WORDS!" about 9 hours ago
AUSTIN BEUTNER ON RUNNING FOR L.A. MAYOR: “I tell people I’m contributing something far more time. I don’t have to do this. I’m doing it because I think it matters and because I care, and if my time isn’t worth something to people, I’ll go do something else." - Austin Beutner. Los Angeles Times writer Jim Newton describes Beutner as “mild to the point of dull.” (Zuma Dogg describes him as compelling to the point of inspiring. But he IS mild to the point of dull, too. And pathetic, L.A. voters like a guy who kisses ass, better. Not, "then I'll go do something else." Even though, AGAIN, ZD likes that kind of talk. Too bad L.A. voters are a bunch of sissy, cry-pussies.

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Here's my *reply to comment from top of this post: No, don't say that. I don't have one cent in my pocket. If there were any value or need, it would have happened. CLEARLY the world has spoken. ZERO value in ZD. Because every day, I don't have a cent to show for it and hope to die in my sleep so I don't have to sludge through another miserable day that will end in my hunger and broke-ness. DAMN, are you wrong! I see NO EVIDENCE!:

* "I've seen the future of television comedy. Zuma Dogg is the only American comedian today wearing the comedy-genius mantle once borne by Lenny Bruce, Allen Funt and Andy Kaufman." - Michael Heaton/Syndicated Pop-Culture Columnist

* "Brain-seizing artistry. A local underground superstar. -D. Harvey/LA Weekly

* "A public access icon." - M. Fleischer/LA Weekly

* "Local Legend" - Doug McIntyre/KABC, Red-Eye Radio

* "An original ... another treasure of Venice." - Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl

* " A civic treasure." - Michael Higby/Mayor Sam's Blog (L.A. politics)

* "I've seen your show on TV. Keep doing what you're doing." - Dennis Franz

* "A very funny comedian." - Howard Stern

* "Everyone watches Zuma Dogg!" - Reggie Miller/NBA All Star

* "We watch your videos on our tour bus. We need more." - Dean DeLeo (STP)

* "I am such a fan of your show." - Courteney Cox-Arquette

* "Love your show buddy. I watch it all the time." - Adam Sandler

* "Zuma Dogg, not only one of the most recognizable figures at City Hall, cordially greeted by passersby, including security guards and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, he also has the ear of high-level insiders, who feed him information in the hope that he’ll expose, and possibly stop, one questionable government project or another." - LA Weekly (Click here for article.)


I was not at all prepared for the brilliance of your show.

In all honesty I was absolutely blown away. It was the most fresh, funniest, innovative thing that I've seen on television in the past five years

You're a genius! When can we catch more shows? Do you have any of your old shows available?

honestly, you may have been the funniest person i've ever see. I was laughing so hard I woke up my girlfriend.

If i owned a big TV company your show would be on 24/7!! I have never laughed so hard for so long, it's awesome. Can't wait for the next one, me and my friends will be talkin about it for a week! lol...

How can I get a copy of tonight's episode? It was the funniest thing I've seen in years. Thank you.

I hope you know you have the best show in the history of the planet!

I was wondering if I could maybe get your Autograph...It would mean alot...I know a ton of kids at my skool that love your show too....They are always talking in your voice and going crazy..

you have the best show ever, you are the best white rapper in the world!!!

It was so beautiful that I had tears in my eyes. Let's just say I was moved.

I think your show displays a VERY intelligent and socially conscience realistic view of the world and you do it in a very original and very artistic way.


i love your show. it is the most excellent thing in all of televisionland.

My name is Lauren and let me begin by saying you are one of the finest displays of unconventional genius I've seen in a long time.

We just wanted to write to let you know how spectacular we thought your show was.

i was just wondering, if there's anyway i can buy your shows on video or something.

my boyfriend and i just stumbled upon you singing saturday night fever tunes - and we can't stop laughing - thanks...

I caught your last episode. Let me tell you that it was a Classic. The part about Elton John had me laughing all night.

Do you sell your music or dvds of your show? If not, you should. Your latest song is good as hell.

saw your show the other night and let me say,it was some of the funniest shit i've seen on tv in a long time,keep up the good work.

My girlfriend and i caught your show for the first time 3 weeks ago. I recorded it and show it around to friends. It is so g-damn funny. I keep waiting to see you somewhere.

Just to let you know, I dig what you do, you are a funny and talented person. It took me a couple shows to get it but now I got it so keep it up, look forward to the new shows.

I CAN MATCH EVERY ONE OF THESE QUOTES WITH 100 MORE, JUST LIKE IT...but, you will STILL try to come up with a reason why it would NEVER WORK!

"No one would ever watch this. It's not a show. It's not even comedy." - Comedy Central. Meanwhile, I just keep on, keepin' on...growing more legendary and iconic by the day. Like Irene Cara says, "What A Feeling!"


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