Sunday, August 21, 2011 - Show #1: Tea Party Activist Alert: Find Out What Happened in L.A., To Let You Know What's Next For U.S.A. (

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My name is Zuma Dogg, from Los Angeles, California (Venice Beach area).

I am a trailblazing, innovator (see for press, quotes and bio info), and when I listen to talk shows, all I hear is nutty, "Jerry Springer-style" discussion of the upcoming Presidential election. I think when you add up all the hours logged by talk show hosts, discussing it all (partisan politics), it doesn't amount to ONE ACTIONABLE CHANGE. It doesn't mean a thing. You may as well listen to the sports talk guys prognosticate on the upcoming football season, for their Superbowl picks, in August.

So without further a dew, here are the things I would like to hear more of on talk shows.

And for my first episode, I'll pick the biggest fish to fry: Why union members should be mad at their PENSION COMMISSIONERS: Pension Fraud 101, FROM THE TOP, with Zuma Dogg.


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