Sunday, September 11, 2011

FOR THE RECORD: Preview Zuma Dogg's Platform for 2013 L.A. Mayoral Election (Where He Will Focus Media Time/WHO He Will Be Taking Out, Politically)

[OH NO! Here we go, again...He HATES going on camera, but feels it a "must" as his civic duty in exposing to the people of Los Angeles, what happened over the past four years since we've last seen each other. Basically, everything I said, came true...busts were made on what I said needed to be busted...and some of the other people running, might not even be running, by then, as a result. Wonder if I single-handily turned City Hall upside down and shook it like Shug Knight shook Vanilla Ice, over Sunset Blvd? Like Asia said, "Only Time Will Tell." And I think it's gonna tell us, soon.]


  • Here's my review of Garcetti's empty exhortations & my world-acclaimed review of "The 14 Pts of Quality & Productivity." less than a minute ago
  • Villaraigosa wants to know: If you can't yell empty exhortations (manage by fear, as substituent for leadership), HOW do you manage? 14 Pts! 2 minutes ago
  • 14 PTS/Q&P: "Empty Exhortation": Too many people are slipping while carrying boxes up steps. BE CAREFUL!" (Fixing leak in roof would help!) 4 minutes ago
  • 14 PTS/Empty Exhortation: "Need to reduce output error to 1%!" (Not realizing, mechanical rate of error is 2%, NOT MATTER WHAT WORKER DOES!) 5 minutes ago
  • 14 PTS: WHAT does "empty exhortation," mean?: Allowing problem to fester/then shout a slogan from top of work steps. "I EXPECT TIGHT SHIP!" 10 minutes ago
  • They're called, "EMPTY EXHORTATIONS" in "Quality & Productivity" business. "Make Less Mistakes!" "Do a better job!" "I expect a TIGHT SHIP!" 13 minutes ago
  • #1, #1 #1 sign that your organization needs 14 point "Q&P" overhaul, BADLY: FBI busts many of your Depts. You say, "I expect a tight ship!" 14 minutes ago
  • Imagine as we head to mayoral election/City Hall has been SWEPT CLEAN by FBI probe, AND ZD is there to tie each bust to City Hall candidate! 21 minutes ago
  • When Candidate ZD gets media time (TV35/newspapers/TV/radio) will mention my work on PENSION FRAUD, leading to arrests of VILLAR APPOINTEES! 23 minutes ago
  • When Mayor candidate ZD is given media time, will remind people I EXPOSED LAHD/RENT ESCROW CORRUPTION. FBI now investigating. Busts by then! 25 minutes ago
  • As mayor candidate ZD is given media time, will ask about Garcetti's public record request BLACKOUT to union & FBI probe on afford housing. 26 minutes ago
  • DURING LA MAYORAL CAMPAIGN, as ZD is given media interview time, will be LEADING w/this weeks EXCLUSIVE story on Greuel. 29 minutes ago
  • [PICTURED: OH NO...don't even think L.A. Mayoral Candidate (for now), Wendy Greuel will even be able to stand in city hall, as a visitor, if the stuff I hear she did as Councilmember is true. Wasn't she backed by/runs with the Wetherly Capitial crew? Isn't Elliot Broidy sittin' in jail, as I type this tweet? HER POLITICAL FUNDRAISING INFRASTRUCTURE IS LOCKED UP AND PUT OUT OF BUSINESS BY LEGAL AUTHORITIES, TOO! What's a Valley Girl to do? (Do your time, and live off your "Frontier Supply" money?)]
  • @Nightline It's @ZumaDogg. You featured me in a segment about L.A. City Hall, 01/09. I sued L.A. in FEDERAL court on 1st Amendment, AND WON! 40 minutes ago
  • VIDEO: ZUMA DOGG RECREATES, "GROUNDHOG'S DAY" with the BEAUTIFUL & DELIGHTFUL Andie MacDowell on SaMo street: 44 minutes ago
  • VIDEO SHORT: Zuma Dogg MEGA MALIBU-MOUNTAIN TOP "HOODY HOOO!" (Swiss Alps Style, from his SECRET retreat.) 45 minutes ago
  • GARCETTI=TOO DEFENSIVE/COMBATIVE: I WARNED you what was ahead, when I sang, "Badlands." ("You better listen to me, baby!") YOU CUT ME OFF! 50 minutes ago
  • Hi, this is ZD for Mayor. When I saw widespread corruption @CityHall & they didn't listen, had to become MORE INVOLVED/called FEDS to town! 53 minutes ago
  • "Hi, this is ZD for Mayor. I said, mayor's commissioners were BIG problem , pension $ given to shills, LAHD fraud, headed toward b-ruptcy." 56 minutes ago
  • When I run for mayor and do TV 35 3-minute promo & all the media interviews, they must allow candidates, I have 5 yr history to wave around! 59 minutes ago
  • DO YOUR MARKET RESEARCH HOMEWORK!: Run name/picture "Zuma Dogg" in L.A. political research poll for "awareness" & "favorability." I'm happy! about an hour ago
  • LOOK at the EXPOSURE I created on issues INVESTIGATED by FBI when I ran for mayor, while homeless. NOW, I have AMAZING headquarters/housing! about an hour ago
  • U FUCKED with a guy on FEDERAL LAW that prevented my income, and I continued fighting you, while sleeping on sidewalk. (A BAD misjudgment!) about an hour ago
  • [PICTURED: Zuma fires and SCORES as L.A. City Hall CORRUPTION KINGPINS go DOWN in Blaze of Un-glory! - Coming soon to a newspaper and national news network, near you. ]
  • VILLARAIOGOSA, RIORDAN, ALATORRE, BROAD, ESSEL, WESSON, GARCETTI, et al...I PULLED THE PLUG, Y'ALL!!! (Hoody hooooooo!) Guess who LOVES me? about an hour ago
  • L.A. City WANT AD: Wanted! crisis management expert to deal with impending '12-'13 municipal disaster. Contact: Election Division/Mayor '13. about an hour ago
  • Being next mayor of L.A. at this point will be like being the lead singer of Van Halen, AFTER even Sammy Hagar. (Not the glory it once was.) about an hour ago
  • My final involvement @Venice boardwalk will be lawsuit filed, the day new Ordinance is passed. Already set foot on boardwalk for final time. about an hour ago
  • PIVOTAL post (2010) on topics of City Hall/Developer BRIBES, FBI investigation, and WHY we have ADDED homeless problems! about an hour ago
  • EXCLUSIVE: Read FEDERAL INJUNCTION vs L.A., a judge had to ORDER to prevent MASSIVE 1st Amendment violations against ZD: about an hour ago
  • VENICE RESIDENT ALERT: As homeless flock to Venice to sleep, READ THIS: IT'S WHERE THE AFFORDABLE HOUSING MONEY WENT!: about an hour ago
  • I KNOW where to HOME all the Venice HOMELESS coming from ALL OVER the city! In GLENDALE COUNCILMAN'S HOME WHO CITY GAVE HOUSING MONEY TO! about an hour ago
  • [PICTURED: ZD, NOT smiling about giving affordable housing money to cronies, AS INVESTIGATED by FBI! Once ZD in talking about it, in media, during mayoral election, since I'm still a gadfly, HE won't be smiling, either. (IF he's even still around?)]
  • Clara Pella once asked, "Where's the Beef?" Now, FEDS ask, "Where's the L.A. Affordable Housing?" NOW, homeless pile up at Venice. Related? about an hour ago
  • @Bill_Rosendahl: You know my mama loves me she loves me. So I can't risk my life @Venice boardwalk you created, for tip money. SANTA MONICA! about an hour ago
  • @Bill_Rosendahl VENICE BEACH's ALL YOURS, my man. Nothing ZD can do, or do about what you let happen, now, EXCEPT STAY AWAY! about an hour ago
  • VENICE TREASURE RELOCATES TO BETTER MANAGED SaMo: Venice CM Rosendahl called ZD, "Venice Treasure," but the treasure forced to Santa Monica! about an hour ago
  • IRONIC: After fighting 5 yrs for right to perform @VeniceBeach, I'm going out to perform today and Venice is LAST place I'd go. SantaMonica! about an hour ago
  • Not enough to keep businesses from moving to Texas, but it's nice to walk out L.A. door and see a sailboat passing in ocean view, today. about 2 hours ago
  • HERE is what people should read today, on 9-11, to combative negative media conditioning of your subconscious... about 2 hours ago
  • HIGHLY COMPELLING ZUMA DOGG MEGA TWEET on NEW TOPIC/MATERIAL - "Patterns"/NLP: Any Federal Investigator has been (cont) about 2 hours ago
  • There is no benefit in watching media replays of horrific events captured on video. DON'T FALL INTO HUMAN NATURE/MEDIA TRAP. BAD FOR YOU! about 3 hours ago
  • Zuma Tweets on 9-11 Media Commemorations, L.A. City News "Week In Review" (MASSIVE CORRUPTION… about 3 hours ago
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