Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome Back, L.A. City Council, From ZUMA DOGG: 9/5/11 Tweets: ZD to TAKE DOWN CRA/LA Over "Misuse" of Funds & Run Down Of TOP L.A. City Corruption

[PICTURED: He looks so happy, cause he's wearing his elevator shoes, this day, and feels top of the world. ZD & PUNK-ASS, PUPPET-CHUMP, in warmer & fuzzier, pre-SSI diagnosed "disabled" times. (FIVE YEARS of ILLEGAL, FEDERAL VIOLATING, INCOME PREVENTION will do that to you.)]


  • WHEN I TAKE DOWN CRA/LA, it takes down Broad, Alatorre, Riordan, Essel, Villaragiosa, Bing, Anshutz, Nunez, Molina, and who knows WHO else?! less than a minute ago
  • VILLARAIGOSA/ESSEL/COUNCIL/CRA: Next phase for ZD=EXPOSING CLEAR MISUSE (FRAUD) of CRA/LA dollars. Will reach FBI level! U KNOW EZ TO PROVE! about a minute ago
  • I see a LOT of CRA $ going to acting theaters, "to inspire future storytellers"/crap like that. What about PROJECTS FOR LOW INCOME BLIGHT? 3 minutes ago
  • MONEY TO REDEVELOP BLIGHT: HOW MUCH CRA MONEY WOULD YOU SPEND TO IMPROVE a Performing Arts Center? How about $500,000? Wed Council agenda. 6 minutes ago
  • WHAT IS A PLANNING DEPT, "SPECIAL FUND?" ITEM NO. (6) A status report on the Planning Department’s special fund. (As in "eSPECIALly shady?" 19 minutes ago
  • AGENDA ITEM #4: Building & Safety confirmation of lien against property. ZD: NO Building&Safety liens pending FBI probe of DEPT for BRIBES! 22 minutes ago
  • City Council returns from summer recess, Tuesday. BETTER FOLLOW BROWN ACT, TO A "T." ZD will be watching on TV, ready to shoot email to DA. 34 minutes ago
  • WHEW, is it ME, or is THIS BLOG gettin' HOT? A little TOO HOT? (NEVER! ZD likes it VEGAS HOT! 110 degrees, PLUS! We're at about 85 degrees.) 37 minutes ago
  • VILLARAIGOSA: LATimes says FBI asked your "boss" Alatorre to explain $1 mil "payment" from ADI. Did YOU take ADI money? LATimes says, "YES!" 38 minutes ago
  • QUESTION FOR L.A. CITY HALL MAYORAL/SENATOR HOPEFULS: Who took money from ADI? If you did NOT, raise your hand. NOT SO FAST GREUEL/CARDENAS! 41 minutes ago
  • #ZUMADOGG moves up the ladder. With FBI investigating everything I've covered, time to move up to Swiller, DWP, Vivendi, Garcetti, CIM, ADI. 43 minutes ago
  • #VIVENDI: A foreign corporation, there to insure DWP keeps the problems going, so they can offer solutions. VERY PROFITABLE & ONGOING ONES! 46 minutes ago
  • ZD, if you say Villaraigosa & Council are small fish, WHO controls THEM?: Vivendi, Clinton, Burkle, A-Torre, Riordan, Broad, Bing, Anshutz. 49 minutes ago
  • NOT ABOUT RATEPAYER ADVOCATE: When asked Wetherly insider about Villaraigosa/Council he screamed, "WHY DO YOU CARE ABOUT SUCH SMALL FISH!?!" 50 minutes ago
  • CREATIVE OUTPUT=GOOD!: When ZD discovered Wetherly Capital insider, drove to Del Mar to spend weekend. 2 Zuma Doggs=WORSE THAN HENLEY/FREY! 54 minutes ago
  • If I'm not U.S. history for un-plugging more L.A. corruption than any ONE, I am for FED suit vs LA. Now, ANYONE in U.S. can sue if violated! about an hour ago
  • Why WOULDN'T you agree, ZumaDogg is U.S. history? Beat L.A. in FEDERAL COURT on U.S. Constitution issue. Now, EVERYONE in U.S. is PROTECTED! about an hour ago
  • READ MORE about L.A.'s political ICON, ZUMA DOGG @ Media & fan quotes and YouTube video legacy. U.S. HISTORY, FOR REAL! about an hour ago
  • MEDIA ON ZD: "Genius, legend, brain-seizing, heroic, icon, treasure, local superstar. One of the most recognizable figures at City Hall." about an hour ago
  • L.A. COUNCIL ON ZD: "World-class, genius, prophet, treasure. Stunned & amazed. Substantive-Crusader. Good man/done a lot for people of L.A." about an hour ago
  • EXCUSE ME, if I'm cranky. History has proven, I'm among top, world-class, U.S. minds of my generation; and I'm stuck tangling w/LACityHall. about an hour ago
  • TRUST ME! Uncle MC Zuma Dogg Wouldn't Lie 2 U: Gonna be MISERABLE vibe @LACityHall, on Tuesday. You boss will be in LOUSY/PANICKED mood. :-( about an hour ago
  • VIVENDI Jean-RenĂ© Fourtou: Better WATCH your dealings with L.A. folks like Ari Swiller. #Villaraigosa's L.A. CITY HALL UNDER WIDE FBI PROBE! about an hour ago
  • If you've been following #ZumaDogg as blogging/gadfly, past 5 yrs, why WOULDN'T you agree I'm most powerful political corruption foil, ever? about an hour ago
  • CRA tax "increment" money? When Essel, Villaraigosa, Riordan, Alatorre, Bing, Anshutz, Broad are involved, more like tax "inCRIMEnt" money. about an hour ago
  • GREUEL: THINK, if WETHERLY was still in business? A LOT OF MONEY FOR YOU! BUT ZD had them SHUT DOWN! So Riordan jumped to Beutner. No $ 4 U! about an hour ago
  • VILLARAIGOSA/CITY COUNCIL: Remember, SPECIAL EVENT FEE WAIVERS?" (Emphasis on "REMEMBER," cause ZD KILLED THAT SHADY NOISE! How many years?) about an hour ago
  • VILLARAIGOSA: YOU know (ask Eric/Herb), I KILLED Measure H, which KILLED Cisneros LA project=#1 '08 pension loss. DID YOUR BOTTOM FALL OUT? about an hour ago
  • VILLARAIGOSA: You KNOW I caused such BIG STINK on PENSION MONEY in GRAND AVE PROJECT, they pulled it out. PROJECT TANKED. BATH TAKEN! about an hour ago
  • VILLARAIGOSA: You KNOW I called FBI/Wilshire & provided others who piled on w/EXCLUSIVE LAHD memo on RENT ESCROW. FBI now investigating. about an hour ago
  • VILLARAIOGSA: You KNOW I called Eric Holder's Office to whistleblow on LACERS commish pension fraud. SEC/FBI investigates V-lobos/PENSIONS! about an hour ago
  • VILLARAIGOSA: You KNOW I called Cuomo's AG office to whistleblow on Wetherly. Broidy/Ramierz in jail. Dan W/Vicky S=fined $1 mil. YOU NEXT? about an hour ago
  • CONNECT THE DOTS: Is Ari "Swill" Swiller the ULTIMATE DWP/PENSION/WATER KINGPIN, L.A. Has… about 2 hours ago
  • GOOD POST: Another blogger picks up on ZD's Vivendi/DWP/Swiller/Pensions blog post; AND CONNECTS DOTS, FURTHER! READ!: about 2 hours ago
  • NEW READERS: Welcome to LA City News by Zuma Dogg. L.A. violated my 1st Amendment rights @ Venice boardwalk, so I sued in FED court and won. about 2 hours ago
  • "From here, on in, it ain't that sunny; it's a long, lonely climb. For cheap, easy meals...hardly a home on the range." - B. Taupin/E. John about 2 hours ago
  • HERE'S the BLUEPRINT for U.S. job creation & manufacturing innovation. Praised by Deming, Ries, Robbins, Pittman, etc. about 3 hours ago
  • Bob Pittman read my "Deming TQM" article. Sent me letter of praise/invited me to his office in '93. VOTED MOST POWERFUL EXEC IN RADIO, '11. about 3 hours ago
  • MADE A BIG DEAL about this letter, cause millionaire business authors/consultants did. Told, "he doesn't do that!" about 3 hours ago
  • NEVER PUBLISHED PHOTO: Deming's letter to ZD/"Dave Elliott" Was told, "unprecedented." He only sent back RED INK! about 3 hours ago
  • Someday, my FED suit w L.A. will over and it will be, "back to the howling ole owl, huntin' the horny black toad." about 4 hours ago
  • If you like Grammy Winner, SEAL, you're welcome. (He might still be sitting in the forest, meditating, if ZD didn't take a chance on him.) about 5 hours ago
  • "In a world full of people, only #ZumaDogg wanted to play SEAL on radio. Isn't that "CRAZY?" (SEAL got WB record deal based on ZD airplay.) about 5 hours ago
  • After ZD was 1st to play SEAL in U.S./WB contract, had HUGE VIP party! SEAL hung out, all day w/ZD, as we celebrated how cool he got signed! about 5 hours ago
  • NO ONE WAS EVER MORE THANKFUL/APPRECIATIVE OF A ZD EFFORT: After I played bootleg import of SEAL, "Crazy" (1st on U.S. radio) WB signed him. about 5 hours ago
  • "In a world full of people, only some want to fly. Isn't that CRAZY?" -Seal (ZD=1st in U.S. to play Seal on radio. WB signed him from that.) about 5 hours ago
  • Intro to "Mind/Body/Spirit" (Collective Consciousness) via facebook "Empowerment Page": ("Wax on, wax off," reading.) about 5 hours ago
  • Collective Consciousness 2): Non-material intelligence exists (AM/FM/wi-fi). HUMAN thought/life energy is non-material. You access it, 24/7. about 5 hours ago
  • When I use term, "collective consciousness," to me means, 1) all the knowledge/info/answers are out there. Someone ALWAYS has CORRECT INFO! about 5 hours ago
  • Why is ZD preaching "collective consciousness" message, today?: As I reflect/tweet on past 5 yrs of "being 100% right," I DO FEEL IT'S WHY! about 5 hours ago
  • ZD's message may have been political, comedic/both at same time. But lesson/message ZD keeps getting is "collective consciousness is real." about 5 hours ago
  • People call me a "prophet," but I'm really a "collective consciousness" medium/antenna, because I've chosen to be. Maybe that's key. Try it. about 5 hours ago
  • WHY DOES ZD think small, CRA projects ATTACHED to GIANT ones (secret/unknown) is HUGE DEAL? (Because Villar's mole who told me thinks so!!!) about 5 hours ago
  • WHY CAN'T ZD WALK DOWN BOARDWALK?: After LA VIOLATED my FED RIGHTS=5 yrs+, when I see ILLEGAL ACTIVITY they allow, ALL OVER=MAKES ME FLIP! about 6 hours ago
  • NOT GONNA MAKE ADDICT MISTAKE: Alcoholic thinks they can take 1 drink/enjoy party. ZD KNOWS he cannot go to Venice boardwalk w/OUT flippin'. about 6 hours ago
  • A nice day, I live a block from Venice boardwalk & have deep ingrained instinct/desire to walk over. But, a DELUSION expecting "OLD DAYS." about 6 hours ago
  • L.A. City News ( calls 2013 Los Angeles Mayoral Election: In a LANDSLIDE: Austin Beutner. MORE TO COME... about 6 hours ago
  • ZUMA DOGG Assesses DAMAGE He Caused CORRUPT CITY HALL OFFICIALS and Explains Why WENDY GREUEL… about 6 hours ago
  • JUST THINK: FBI will probably be coming out with details on LAHD RENT ESCROW CORRUPTION during mayor campaign. ZD feels it ties to GARCETTI. about 6 hours ago

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