Sunday, September 4, 2011

L.A. City Hall, YOU got a problem: ZUMA DOGG! Have You Read My Blog, Lately? (New Tweets, Radio Audio & Posts) Aka: City Hall Money Laundering Report

[Pictured: He makes the news, creates the news; and breaks the news. And his blog is a snowball rollin' downhill toward your City Hall campaign season. Here's a mild taste of re-cap. NEW MATERIAL FROM THE PAST YEAR OF INSIDE MOLE EMAILS, I NEVER POSTED, YET...COMING AFTER LABOR DAY WEEKEND! DOH!]


ZUMA TWEETS (9/4/11):

  • If investigators were investigating something City Hall related, if you type, "zuma-dogg (the topic)" in Google search, posts will appear. (EX: "Zuma-Dogg Pension Fraud" or "Zuma-Dogg LAHD Rent Escrow" or "Zuma-Dogg Gloria-Molina" about an hour ago
  • If you've read my blog since 2009, you first heard the name "Wetherly Capital," when I exposed them. Since then, busted/shut down/jail time. about an hour ago
  • PENSIONS, LAHD Rent Ecrow, INSPECTOR BRIBES, DEVELOPER BRIBES: Things ZD screamed about on TV/blogged/called about. ALL INVESTIGATED, NOW! about 2 hours ago
  • FORMER CRA/PENSION CULPRITS: Elliott Broidy, Julio Ramierz, Jr., Dan Weinstein, Vicky Schiff=BUSTED via ZD blogging/calls. Villalobos=NEXT! about 2 hours ago
  • L.A. CRA/PENSION CULPRITS: Ziman, Alatorre, Molina & Co., Cisneros, Broad, Riordan, Villaraigosa, Nunez, Bing, Anshutz, Mithaiwala, Moret. about 2 hours ago
  • The risk city hall keeps taking: Haven't settled w/ZD, and when I send investigators to my blog for ONE story, the seem to find OTHER ONES! about 2 hours ago
  • Richard Alatorre: You've been alleged/accused/found to be an "unregistered lobbyist." Is that the same thing as, "official bribe taker?" about 2 hours ago
  • Hey #RichardAlatorre: If you're NOT HAPPY about FBI probe into city hall and up your ass, ask chump-punk Tony Villar why I'm not settled? about 2 hours ago
  • #RichardAlatrorre, you greedy-fuck. Noticed ZD is having your City Hall money laundering facility dismantled? Garcetti had to be smart ass. about 2 hours ago
  • L.A. City Hall: Take a look at my blog, today. A SNOWBALL rolling downhill, toward your election season. MORE COMING! about 13 hours ago
  • DAMN! If you scroll my blog, today, I have it super-tight, so EVERYTHING you need, to find out about City Hall corruption, is on first page. about 13 hours ago
  • Zuma Dogg's Oct '10 Public Comment Transcript: LAHD Rent Escrow CORRUPTION, now under FBI investigation: (Pre-LA Times) about 14 hours ago
  • ZD blogs of City Hall bribe allegations, in 2010, as CURRENTLY being reported by LA Times. (PRE-FBI investigation!) about 14 hours ago
  • AUDIO: LA Times DAVID ZAHNISER on PAT MORRISON, Discussing FBI Probe Into L.A. City Hall… about 15 hours ago
  • LA TIMES DAVID ZAHNISER reveals USC Fraternity suing L.A. City over suspicion their permit wasn't approved, cause they didn't offer bribe. about 15 hours ago
  • LATimes: "FBI agents want to take their bribery investigation "as wide and as high as they can." - about 15 hours ago
  • @Villaraigosa: You've known me since '06. Things have a way of continuing to fall into my lap, making it worse & worse for you. MORE COMING! about 15 hours ago
  • @Villaraigosa: Add it all up, chump! Was ZD t-shirt ban, and STILL not settling w/me after YOU LOST IN FEDERAL COURT, worth it? AIN'T OVER! about 15 hours ago
  • @Villaraigosa: Broidy/Ramirez, Jr in jail. Wetherly shut down, forever. Al Villabobos investigated. LAHD=FBI. Was ZD t-shirt ban worth it? about 15 hours ago
  • Add up all that FBI investigation will cost you, all city council/LAPD/attorney time on Venice suit/new rules & ZD council time. WORTH IT? about 15 hours ago
  • DUMB CITY HALL: Deming sent me letter of praise. Was FIRST & ONLY person Tony Robbins bowed down to on stage, etc. AND YOU CHALLENGE ME? LOL about 15 hours ago
  • After Deputy Mayor told ZD to sue city, I warned City Council, "You don't know who you're fucking with. I WILL CRUSH YOU!" Now, FBI probes! about 15 hours ago
  • In March 2006, L.A. Deputy Mayor told ZD, "City of L.A. runs the City of L.A., and if you don't like it, SUE!" I DID=YOU LOST! (cont...) about 15 hours ago
  • VENICE NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL & LINDA "SUCKS" LUCKS: How does it feel to keep being put to shame by Zuma Dogg? I'm doing a story on the topic. about 16 hours ago
  • VENICE NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL: You approve ILLEGAL boardwalk rules that I SUE in FEDERAL COURT and have overturned. YOU KEEP LOSING TO ZD! about 16 hours ago
  • VENICE NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL: I know you spend YEARS chasing tails, blowing hot air. For lessons on "effectiveness," call ZD for a seminar. about 16 hours ago
  • VENICE NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL: When you notice less ILLEGAL BLIGHT (signage, crap on street/sidewalks) make sure you thank ZD & Pacific Sarge! about 16 hours ago
  • VENICE NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL:As you notice LESS KNIFE-WIELDING fruit vendors, stealing business from stores/L.A. economy, thank ZD & Sarge! about 16 hours ago
  • Venice Neighborhood Council: You're welcome, from Zuma Dogg & Pacific Sarge for, "ZD's Venice Clean Sweep." You'll notice the difference. about 16 hours ago
  • Thanks to LAPD Pacific Sarge for his coordinated effort on, "Zuma Dogg, Venice Clean Sweep II." (Sarge back from vacation, edition.) ;-) about 16 hours ago
  • Got so cranky after seeing key City Hall staffer relating to ZD's FED lawsuit, today, at Whole Foods, I didn't wait till Tues to call FBI! about 16 hours ago
  • The PROBLEM w #LAPD Pacific Division. The ENTIRE DEPARTMENT is ONE GUY...the SARGE. If he ain't there, WHOLE DIVISION is chicken w/out head. about 17 hours ago
  • GOING, GOing, gone. Sunset into mountains: 1), 2), 3) (3 pics, like 3D card.) about 17 hours ago
  • WELCOME TO LA City News: Difference between LACN & LATimes=We report AS CORRUPTION HAPPENING! They report once already investigated. about 17 hours ago
  • EXAMPLE (see tweet below): When Kevin James said FBI is probing LAHD "Systematic Code Enforcement," I typed into Google, for ZD's '07 story! about 17 hours ago
  • #FBI: If you need additional. background, "connect the dots" info on ANY TOPIC you are investigating, do topic search @ about 17 hours ago
  • If there is ANYTHING, L.A. City Hall related, that you hear is under investigation, just type topic into keyword search, for ZD blog story. about 17 hours ago
  • I DON'T SHOW UP FOR GLORY: I screamed for YEARS, "WE NEED FBI TO INVESTIGATE L.A. CITY HALL!" NOW, that they ARE. Not trying to increase public fame, if mission accomplished. (I'm a private citizen, not a paid investigator/reporter. about
  • PENSION FRAUD TWEET: Capital equity firms back politician campaign. Once elected, appoints firm heads to pension/CRA boards. Money funneled. about 17 hours ago
  • "And once you're gone, you can't come back. When your out of the blue, and into the black." - Neil Young (Zuma Dogg thinks he understands.) about 18 hours ago
  • L.A. City News - TOP STORIES on L.A. City Hall Fraud, Waste & Abuse (Part 1 of a Never Ending… about 18 hours ago
  • FBI AGENT TO ZD: Why don't you call City Attorney? ZD: If that worked, FBI wouldn't be investigating multiple City depts. He works for THEM! about 19 hours ago
  • The only problem when you call FBI on Saturday Evening on Labor Day Weekend, didn't seem to have smartest agent on phone. Have to call back. about 19 hours ago, for more on The L.A. Icon.

LA City News "Week In Review":
DENNIS DEYOUNG (not the one from The Valley) gets today's "Final Thoughts":

To tell you the truth we've all seen better days. Don't need no fast buck lame duck profits for fun, or quick trick plans to take the money and run. We need long term, slow burn, getting it done. And some straight talking, hard working, son of a gun. Whatcha doin' tonight? I ain't lookin' to fight, but I know with determination, we can challenge the schemers who cheat all the rules. Come on, take pride; be wise, spottin' the fools. No more big shot, crackpots bending the rules. A fair shot here for me and for you. Knowing that we can't lose, we'll be rockin' the paradise.

[The song is about City Hall "status quo," not a 2000 seat music theater, like The Wiltern.]

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