Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Breaking News: Iowa GOP Chairman Announces Mitt Romney Has Won The Iowa Caucuses


2:35 AM EST - RT @CNBC: Breaking News: Iowa GOP Chairman Announces Mitt Romney Has Won The Iowa Caucuses. [A wafer-thin win over Santorum.] Ron Paul=third place. Newt Gingrich fourth place.

As of 2am ET, here are the results: Santorum 29,968. Romney 29,964. Paul 26,186. Gingrich 16,241. Perry 12,592. Bachmann 6070. Huntsman 744.

RT @davidaxelrod: Sound Santorum is hearing now is not buzz of victory. It's the whirring of Romney Super PAC, preparing to carpet bomb him.

RT @RickSantorum: Game on! Thanks to all of you, we pulled off our #iowasurprise! Keep us going to NH, SC & beyond: ricksantorum.com

RT @BarackObama: "This race is officially on & if we want to win..." [You said "officially on," when you started asking public for money!]

Ron Paul, supporters pleased w 3rd-place finish. lat.ms/yXLDjh [BULL SH*T! 3 days ago they thought he was gonna win=next U.S. Pres!] 

RT @cnnbrk: John McCain to endorse Mitt Romney on Wednesday in New Hampshire, @JohnKingCNN reports. on.cnn.com/A38FUx

#BREAKING: Rick Perry says he'll reassess his campaign. Going back to Texas, will "assess" whether he'll continue. [assess=dropping out!]

RT @LATimesmost: Rick Perry suspending campaign after disappointing finish in Iowa caucuses lat.ms/wqJ94T

See continuous tweet coverage in embedded columns at http://USAElections2012.com for continuous LIVE streaming updates.

LOCAL: LA Times & LA Daily News criticize L.A. City Attorney @CarmenTrutanich for DENYING public voice on condom use on porno shoot decision. goo.gl/fb/8WmsZ

* WHY u should follow @ZumaDogg & @LACityNews: When @LATimes was STILL tweeting LAPD on #LAarson manhunt, ZD already tweeted=HE'S IN COP CAR/IT'S OVER! [Important to people in arson zone area who were scared at 3 in the morning!]

* ZD=DOES IT AGAIN! (Why you should follow @LACityNews & @ZumaDogg.) If u search twitter=ZD posted Iowa winner before LAT, WSJ, NYT, ABC, NBC, FOX, MSNBC, NPR. [Does it matter it was a minute or two before the others. Only to give you confidence that when news breaks, ZD will be here for the BIG/IMPORTANT STUFF...to make sure my followers get it AS SOON AS IT IS TWEETED BY THE FIRST CREDIBLE NEWS SOURCE. Tonight, for the Iowa caucus results, it happened to be CNBC. Most of you don't follow CNBC. So, if you followed ZD, you had it within  the same minute of the first tweet across the internet.

* Carly Simon wrote TWO songs about @ZumaDogg: Was listening to "Nobody Does It Better," and thought of ME! Then, "You're So Vain," started.

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