Saturday, February 6, 2010

SATURDAY UPDATE -- NEW 24 Hour VIDEO Programming on L.A. Daily Blog (Round The Clock L..A. City Activist Talk!)

As U can see, there has been an innovation to L.A. Daily Blog. A bigger Stickam player has been embedded on the top of the blog, so you can always immediately see what is currently streaming, then scroll down for the rest of the blog. (It's my version of a big AEG billboard at L.A. Live or Staples Center, but it's LEGAL, cause it's all ON-SITE content.)

AND, now I can play videos within the webcam feed, so when I play back public comments and other audio, you can see the video along with it. PLUS, the MAIN THING is that I can have a recorded episode play on a loop, so I don't have to sit here for 12 hours a day -- saying the same half hour show, over and over and over. I can record a half hour, or hour show -- then have it playback on a loop, until I cut the next show.

SO THE MESSAGE IS: Check into L.A. Daily Blog, round the clock now, for continuous programming, live KNBC News Raw or any cable network. It will be ZD's LIVE L.A. City News updates from the Venice Beach blog studio; videos of ZD public comments and city council meeting highlights; Matt Dowd commentary and more importantly -- LIVE GUITAR SHOWS (as seen at Venice Beach) -- plus comedy clips from the past ten years of "The Zuma Dogg Show."

SO IT WILL BE BLASTS FROM THE PAST, ALONG WITH BRAND NEW NEWS UPDATES THROUGHOUT THE DAY. I know people want MOSTLY ACTIVIST TALK AND ZD POLITICAL RANTS -- so ZD will give the people what they want, and not go TOO MUCH comedy clips...but I want to keep it fun, too -- and work in Matt Dowd's world class guitar, so it can be an entertaining mix of programming, iincluding the oh so "ESSENTIAL" cultural arts (Matt Dowd music and comedy) that you would expect from the mind of ZD.

LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL...(obviously, if you are reading this, I don't have to tell you where to look for the video stream. (If you need to mute the audio on the player to watch another video or read a post, click the little speaker icon on the top of the player.)


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