Friday, June 17, 2011

L.A. City Hall Informant Has Been Wearing A Wire For Approximately Two Years In Cooporation With Federal Investigation & More L.A. City News for 6/17

Hope we aren't hearing things from the same people: Kevin James (KRLA-870 TalkRadio) just reported at least one person has been wearing a wire in city hall, in cooperation with the authorities (FBI) for approximately two years, including sitting in on meetings. This would mean, likely, that the investigation is older than just the recently known August starting point. as reported by L.A. Times. And follow that of ZD's timeline that started, back then. ZD hears the investigation is expanding rapidly. [Most of it's been covered on this blog. Will maybe do a timeline/re-cap, this weekend. But point is....A WIRE, Y'ALL...DOS ANOS!!! MUCHO TIEMPO!!! AYE, YAY, YAY! (If you DON'T think it was someone in Huizar's office, raise your hand. Gotta watch out for those new functional pens with the built in microphones.)

Zuma Tweets

  • Article on @Villaraigosa's shake up at L.A. Housing Authority. Mayor did not consult @JoseHuizar on replacement. about a minute ago
  • Detailed account of @Villaraigosa's shake up at L.A. Housing Authority. Mayor did not consult @JoseHuizar on replacement of grotesque Maria. 2 minutes ago
  • CalPERS sticks to higher 7.75% return expectation, against advice. Higher expectations blamed for pension shortfalls. 12 minutes ago
  • Pharmacy benefits provider gets subpoena from SEC related to Al Villalobos in ongoing CalPERS (pension) investigation. - 17 minutes ago
  • Gloria Molina pal, Al Villalobos, who made $50 million in pension commission, filed for bankruptcy. Trying to sell $85,000 wine collection. 21 minutes ago
  • Way to go, @usmayors. You're about to swear in a Douchebag whose L.A. City Hall is CRAWLING w FBI agents there to "GET VILLAR." Nice pick. 37 minutes ago
  • Eventually, you will see that the FBI busts will be over issues ZD has already exposed via sources. Ex: Missing money from escrow accounts. 51 minutes ago
  • Kevin James says at least one city hall informant has been wearing a wire for about 2 yrs/sat in meetings. Investigation expanding rapidly. 55 minutes ago
  • Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes 'unbalanced' state budget
  • LA Coliseum officials tell USC they can't afford $60 million in badly needed renovations:
  • Sorry Matt Dowd & Zuma Dogg had to file Brown Act complaint w/D.A. over Wilshire Bus Lane. We tried to get you to comply. No other recourse. about an hour ago
  • facebook shout-out to #ZumaDogg: JB: "You are a hero and a patriot. I live in Venice. Keep up the good work!" (Alright, then. ZD. Thanks!) about 5 hours ago
  • The legendary #ZumaDogg will be performing his karaoke review at Hideout in Pacific Palisades, tonight @ 10pm. Have a classy/upscale time. about 5 hours ago
  • HE'S Santa Monica Office. @Schwarzenegger just left his Santa Monica office for first time since media filmed him driving away. about 6 hours ago
  • LA WEEKLY'S BAD SPIN: The video racked up more than 125,000 views, which figures to work in Hahn's favor. (ARE U F-ING CRAZY? Hahn's FAVOR?) about 7 hours ago
  • LAUSD will spend $20 million on parent centers. Schools will have to find $ to staff them: (And we know there is none.) about 9 hours ago
  • Wilshire Bus Lane BROWN ACT VIOLATION Submitted to L.A. District Attorney's Office about 12 hours ago
  • GOOD! Senate Repeals Ethanol Tax Credit: US Senate voted Thursday to repeal a $6 billion tax credit for ethanol pr... about 12 hours ago
  • SERIOUSLY: Politics/Ethics aside. "Give Us Your Cash, Janice," really IS a GREAT rap song. Can't stop listening to it! Available on iTunes? about 12 hours ago
  • @Villaraigosa=National joke: Radio airs clip of mayor telling people to leave town during 405 repair. "Couldn't believe a mayor said that." about 12 hours ago
  • #JaniceHahn goes on radio to complain about/further expose attack video. Then host says, 'what about the CLAIMS in the video, Janice?" DOH! about 13 hours ago
  • The racism is using "black" to describe "gangsta rappers." Oh, the rappers are black, too! (Even worse?) Should they've used white gangstas? about 13 hours ago
  • The "racism" is use of additional adjective, "black.": "It depicts Hahn among a group of black gangsta rappers." Would U say white rockers? about 13 hours ago
  • #JaniceHahn: Only a FRACTION of voters would have seen the attack video. But YOU go on news to complain and they embed video in every story! about 13 hours ago
  • Whoever let #JaniceHahn go on radio to re-broadcast attack claims against her may be a political operative, but not a political strategist about 14 hours ago
  • I don't know Sun-Tzu personally, but I'm CERTAIN he would have told Janice Hahn NOT to go on radio to re-blab the attack claims against her. about 14 hours ago
  • Janice Hahn on radio today whining about attack ad. So reporter asked, "What about the CLAIMS in the video." Way to help expose it Janice! about 14 hours ago
  • If I were Janice Hahn I would not have gone on radio and called attention to attack video against her where she re-read the claims. DUMMY! about 14 hours ago
  • NEWS UPDATE: CA Gov Brown Vetoes Democratic Budget & Anthony Weiner resigns today. (Beyond that, I am flat broke, so that's it for today.) about 14 hours ago
  • L.A. City News: News wire for L.A. City News, with immediate "Tonight Show" monologue comedy replies via Twitter by ZD. (But he's serious.) 1 day ago
  • Alex Padilla: See also: "Single human being most responsible for cause of subprime crisis that caused U.S. recession/stock market crash") 1 day ago
  • Scan the internet, today, for all the L.A. City Hall news you care about. Then check back here and see if I missed anything? Content, y'all. 1 day ago
  • TOO BAD Alex Padilla isn't Italian. I can't use the Sorprano's reference on him and his brother, just appointed to CRA as Assistant to CEO. 1 day ago
  • COMING NEXT?: FBI investigates CRA for alleged corruption/tampering? Alex Padilla's brother, just appointed as CRA/CEO Assistant, named. LOL 1 day ago
  • CRA/LA (#Redevelopment Agency) DIRECTLY APPOINTS Senator Padilla's brother as Asst. to CEO. (Send Lil bro to shred evidence?) LOL! KIDDING? 1 day ago
  • OH NO!: CRA's Chris Essel "DIRECTLY APPOINTS" Shady As Hell Senator Alex Padilla's Brother… 1 day ago
  • What makes you think the tweet directly below this one is about dumb. moron, nutcase #JaniceHahn? (I didn't say anything? Yeaaah, baby!) ;-) 1 day ago
  • "That stupid, shady, corrupt, irresponsible, inept, high-staff-turnover-cause-she's-a-nightmare, annoying, moron." (Thoughts in ZD's head.) 1 day ago
  • SORRY SWEETIE, I THINK YOU ARE WORSE THAN BAD NEWS: Janice Hahn must wonder, "What'd I do to ZD?" Nothing. Based on your mouth! Even worse! 1 day ago
  • 36th CONGRESSIONAL ELECTION VOTER ALERT: I consider the brain and mouth of #JaniceHahn to be a threat to public safety. BEWARE JANICE HAHN! 1 day ago
  • Though posting my feelings on #JaniceHahn because she is getting my attention due to election, I have said ALL OF THIS on TV/blog for YEARS! 1 day ago
  • TO SERIOUSLY CLARIFY: I AM willing to take lie detector to prove these are my TRUE feelings on #JaniceHahn. Not just jokes for the election. 1 day ago
  • IF I COULD GET ONE MESSAGE TO #NUTJOB #JANICEHAHN: Speak thru mouth, breath thru nose and DO NOT USE YOUR BRAIN. It is damaged. GET REFUND! 1 day ago
  • When I watch City Council on TV and #JaniceHahn starts speaking, it LITERALLY SICKENS ME PHYSICALLY/triggers bipolar. HAVE TO TURN HER OFF! 1 day ago
  • Ask ZD on lie detector if I don't find #JaniceHahn to be most off putting, ANNOYING, NUT CASE; to point of causing ZD nervous breakdown=YES! 1 day ago
  • NAIVE, IGNORANT, CORRUPT, NUTTINESS is ZD's kryptonite. Ask ZD on lie detector if Janice Hahn's nuttiness didn't drive me out of city hall. 1 day ago
  • ALL it would take for NUTCASE #JANICEHAHN "fan ownership" of sinking Dodgers is ACT OF CONGRESS. As though THAT'S what they want to do. DOH! 1 day ago
  • JANICE HAHN: Wanted to sell trinkets at non-existent city hall gift shop; now wants fan ownership for baseball team, although illegal. NUTTY 1 day ago
  • Cars set ablaze, fights & riots break out after Stanley Cup loss. (Wish people would get that upset over billions in City pension loss.) 1 day ago
  • SCAN PAST 24 HRS OF CONTENT ON MY BLOG: Obviously, I wasn't out making a living. If you're not broke, please donate/PayPal. Some of U have $ 1 day ago
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