Monday, May 18, 2009

EXLUSIVE: Wetherly Capital's "Special Situation PENSION Fund" MEMO (Contact: Wetherly's Julio Ramirez)

[Click to enlarge Wetherly Capital's "Special Situations Fund" memo for Bill Simon, who was running against Gray Davis for Governor in 2002. Note the Wetherly contact person is Julio Ramirez.]

HERE IS A FOLLOW-UP TO "Confidential Memo From Wetherly Capitial..." (Regarding Wetherly/Vivendi meetins with Gray Davis over water projects during the 2002 California Gubernatorial election.)

This email is from my source (Mr. Source) who was on retainer with Wetherly Captial at the time, sitting in on board meetings and part of it all. He didn't like what he saw, wouldn't go along with it, and is now letting Zuma Dogg help "EXPOSE IT" (as Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger told me to continue doing, last week, when I spoke with him in person.)

Y0u will notice the "special situation" memo for Bill Simon, who was a Wetherly client, at the same time Wetherly was backing Gray Davis. (Wetherly is tied to BOTH sides!)
Could this "special situation" be buying the silence of Davis' opponent Simon over the "W" issue ("Water") that Davis did not want mentioned during the campaign?

Does this show how politicians come and go, but the backers remain the same, and there really IS NO democracry, in the traditional sense?

So here is a summary of the documents HERE from the source, himself. And although this may, or may not be anything illegal, it certainly shows the behind the scenes action of how the few at the top, run even the governors, mayors and councilmembers who can either go along for the ride, or find themselves looking for work in the private sector. (A real job!)

Zuma Dogg,

Your writings while bothering a great many who don’t expect to see a white man telling it the way it is, let alone a cool white “street person”, brought a smile to the face of my most beautiful wife as we are currently dealing on this most beautiful sunshine filled afternoon on the water’s edge of heavily corrupt Del Mar, California.

There is nothing funny about the Wetherly Capital Group and its heavy duty financial backers who are the backbone of the Democratic Party, and who are principally bankrolled by De Beers who are also the principal backers of the Republican Party as well as all the other feeding-off-the-masses political parties throughout the world.

WCG, who had me on retainer from Oct. 2001 to Jan. 2002 while having me attend a most revealing board meeting on February 8th 2002 when a half hour into the meeting I rather abruptly left after getting my hands on “smoking gun” evidence of “election fraud” in the upcoming California Gubernatorial elections which had Democratic Governor Gray Davis being re-elected in November 2002 Gubernatorial elections, while his opponent, the son of former Secretary of Treasury, William Simon just happened to be one of Wetherly Capital Group’s major clients, and of course the mainstream media and their equally corrupt non-mainstream media wouldn’t touch such information coming from such a “hugely credible” person as me, with a 100 foot pole.

To mention little of the WCG orchestrating two meetings on December 28th, 2001, some 10 minutes apart, all about “greasing of the wheels”.

The first meeting involved four individuals; Davis and the two most senior executives of Vivendi, the French multi-national water conglomerate, Andy Seidel, the CEO of Vivendi Environmental and their General Counsel whose last name I believe was/is Stanek; and the fourth was Joe Campos, a longtime close confidante of Dan Weinstein, co-managing director of WCG who was “renting space” within WCG’s headquarters in west Los Angeles.

The second meeting also included Davis and Campos plus my close colleague Dr.Water Strategy PhD. who is the preeminent authority on water related issues west of the Colorado Rockies.

NOTE: Hello to New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's Office who is now aware of L.A.'s own, Zuma Dogg and his This is the most recent post, but more importantly, scroll down this blog for all the other PENSIONGATE 2009 posts, and MAKE SURE TO READ THE COMMENT SECTIONS of each post for additional information being posted by some caring folks. The story has already been told, and all the names and connections have been made. Check the past two week's of posts on this blog.

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