Wednesday, January 19, 2011

LA City News Tweets for Thursday, January 20, 2011 - LAUSD/LAPD Get "Lock Down Happy" -- And Is L.A. City About To Become UNABLE To Prosecute Misdemeanor Crimes (CITY TOO BROKE!)

LA City News Tweets

[VIDEO: Zuma Dogg at LAPD Police Commission --  the day before they blow one of their biggest wads ever. WORTH IT? We'll see, NEXT TIME the city REALLY needs a wad to be blown -- and doesn't have it!]

  • WONDER WHAT HAPPENED in 9pm hour on my blog? HUGE-HUGE spike on views in 9pm hour? Out of MY control? Wish I knew. 35 minutes ago
  • THURSDAY PREVIEW: Zuma Dogg & Matt Dowd will be on "Amplified Sound Ban - Sign Removal Watch." WILL BE MAKING SURE SIGNS ARE DOWN BY SUNSET! about an hour ago
  • I'm SO STRESSED from fighting city hall today: Kelsey Grammar may like to dress up like women...I just like to sing like them. KARAOKE TIME! about 2 hours ago
  • Maybe if ignorant & arrogant Venice Neighborhood Councilosers woke up every day and did what ZD did past 5 yrs YOU could achieve what I can! about 3 hours ago
  • Just to show Linda Luchs & Neighborhood Council "Hamster-Wheel" runners how to get things done. ZD will have "NO AMP" signs down in 24 hrs. about 3 hours ago
  • People may think I am kidding when I say L.A. City has until end of day tomorrow to take down "No Amp" signs @ Venice. You'll see I'm NOT! about 3 hours ago
  • Am I on the wrong side of the issue to feel an LAUSD cop shouldn't be enforcing street crime and LAPD went WAY the fuck overboard, today? about 3 hours ago
  • IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ZD THAT LAPD WENT WAY OVERBOARD ("LOCK-DOWN HAPPY"), is my post explaining why I think so: 
  • CITY HALL: You simply MUST reduce LAPD payroll & pensions. What good does OVER-SIZED LAPD do writing tickets w no money to prosecute them? about 3 hours ago
  • IT'S PRETTY EARLY into LA City's budget meltdown for the city attorney's office to have already run out of money to prosecute LAPD tickets. about 3 hours ago
  • CUT THE COPS: Doesn't do any good for the city to go COMPLETELY BROKE over LAPD, if City Attorney has NO MONEY TO PROSECUTE. A 100% waste! about 3 hours ago
  • The KEY to Zuma Dogg success and preventing bipolar meltdowns is to make sure I have $20 every couple days. DIDN'T HAPPEN PAST 48 hrs. about 3 hours ago
  • Someone heard DOWD/DOGG talking to city attorney office over lawsuit. Said, "Damn, you guys are brutal manipulators." DID WE NOT WARN THEM? about 3 hours ago
  • Most people only know Bill Rosendahl from one dimension as Councilman. Not passing judgment on THAT, but Bill is BEST PERSON I'VE EVER MET! about 3 hours ago
  • How come the Councilmember with a "GOOD" heart has to be the one who has to undergo surgery for it tomorrow. Best guy I've ever met in life! about 3 hours ago
  • After the phone call Zuma Dogg just made...HOW MUCH YOU WANNA BE THE "NO AMPLIFIED SOUND" signs ARE DOWN TOMORROW. GET THEM THE FUCK DOWN! about 3 hours ago
  • IN CASE ANYONE IS WONDERING WHO CALLS THE SHOTS AT VENICE...Either have those "No Amplified Sound" Signs down tomorrow, OR FIND OUT WHAT! about 3 hours ago
  • L.A. City is SO BROKE that Trutanich's City Attorney Office will not even be able to prosecute misdemeanor crimes, anymore. HAVE FUN, FOLKS! about 5 hours ago
  • HOW COME FOX 11 news was allowed to enter LAUSD school, today?. Did parents sign a release form for KIDS to be broadcast on TV from LAUSD? about 6 hours ago
  • LAUSD KIDS forced to go to the bathroom in trash cans -- cause LAPD Chief Beck decides LAPD needs to go on an OVERKILL SPENDING SPREE. about 6 hours ago
  • Why was an LAUSD police (NOT LAPD) investigating someone off campus who looked suspicious around cars on the street? CALL LAPD, LAUSD! about 6 hours ago
  • CHIEF BECK: Will keep looking until they are comfortable that suspect is no longer in area. NO, you mean, till you admit you can't find him. about 6 hours ago
  • FEBRUARY 28, 2011: The date Matt Dowd & Zuma Dogg plan on being in FEDERAL COURT for SUMMARY JUDGMENT issue. about 6 hours ago
  • The names for the next lawsuit vs City of Los Angeles are now available. Matt Dowd just got don with the first part of the NEXT lawsuit. about 6 hours ago
  • That sure is SOME spending spree LAPD went on today along with traumatizing a generation of elementary school kids. OVERTIME FOR LAPD!!! about 7 hours ago
  • LOOK at LAPD out there, WAY OVERBOARD on this lockdown matter, trying to justify their salaries to the public. Get ready for BULLSHIT SPIN. about 7 hours ago
  • Can't wait to hear the "smoke & mirrors" BULLSHIT that will be coming out of LAPD Beck & City Councils' mouth over "lockdown" overkill. about 7 hours ago
  • I can't WAIT to hear Chief Beck & Eric Garcetti justify level of the LAPD response over an LAUSD cop enforcing crime on LA City Streets. about 7 hours ago
  • THIS ENTIRE LAPD LOCKDOWN situation and OVERKILL of the matter is an OUTRAGE and you just TRAUMATIZED a generation of kids. BACKLASH CITY! about 7 hours ago
  • LAUSD cop approaches "suspicious" person OFF campus...and now LAPD traumatizes an entire generation of kids and goes WAY overboard. IN-SANE! about 7 hours ago

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