Sunday, June 19, 2011

L.A.'s "FAILURE" Mayor, Antonio Villaraiogsa on "Meet The Press" (Video & Transcript)

VENICE BEACH ILLEGAL FOOD VENDING UPDATE: #ZUMADOGG WINS! @VILLARAIGOSA LOSES!: Villar had LAPD crack down on ZD for legal activity, but told cops, "leave illegal food vendors alone." ZD said, "IF YOU CRACK DOWN ON ZD FOR LEGAL STUFF...BEST MOVE THOSE ILLEGAL LAW-BREAKERS, NOW!" Blogged the issue demanding action/removal and followed up with public comment at Po-lice commission meeting. YES!, THEY ARE GONE for 2nd week in a row. WHEN ARE YOU GONNA LEARN, PUTZARAIGOSA? Don't fuck with the Big Dogg. I SQUASH YOUR LITTLE FBI CITY HALL INVESTIGATED, CHUMP-ASS, BITCH! (Now bow down to the Dogg, YOUR master and defeater of your illegal-activity-supporting BULLSHIT!) And now people are eating ice cream cones from the stores whose fees and taxes you hike, instead of people breaking the law. Sorry to rain on your shady-parade, DUMB-ASS! Looks like LAPD couldn't withstand the public words of Zuma Dogg, so took your request and shoved it back up your ass. YOU ARE WELCOME, LAPD! (They don't like having to follow the orders of a corrupt, moronic, pussy mayor. And Zuma Dogg sure as fuck don't take his sh*t. As proven, I just SHOVED IT RIGHT BACK UP YOUR ASS, ANTONIO...ONCE A-GAIN! (MORE TO COME. I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU, ASSHOLE! BEND OVER AND KISS YOURS, GOOD-BYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYE!)

EVERYONE mispronounces "Antonio Villaraiogsa" the first few times you say it. The phony-phonetics of this self-created, political name takes some getting used to. (To bad it couldn't have been "Villarlopez," or something more simple, like the mayor, himself.) BUT DAVID GREGORY BLEW HIS FIRST NAME!?!?! (He must have been nervous about pronouncing his last name.) Anyway, here's Moron's appearance and transcript from today's "Meet The Press." (Why NBC News would care what a guy whose City Hall is infested with FBI agents over his commission appointments and leadership as mayor has to say is ponderous...f*cking ponderous!?!?)

Does Zuma Dogg make you watch ENTIRE 47 minute video of Meet The Press for 1 min of Villar? NO!...He spends all Sunday editing and posting 4U!

(Why you would care to read what this moron who now has FBI agents tearing his City Hall apart is beyond me. Comedy fodder, I guess. That's all this putz is to me. And never more so than when he's carried away in Federal handcuffs and thrown in the slammer.)

QUOTE: "We don't live in the bubble of the Beltway." - Mayor Villar (No, he lives in the first class seats of airplanes and VIP events. Life IS rough for a homie!)

And on a side note: I have NO IDEA why Antonio @Villaraigosa has reputation as being former gang member. His high school pals, who grew up with him, tell Zuma Dogg that the gangs rejected him (too little, not tough enough), so he hung out with cheerleaders and hairdresser crowd. (He IS kinda effeminent in his own loveable, Mr. Magoo, blind, dummy-moron way.) I believe his only criminal activity has been since being elected Mayor of Los Angeles. (See pensions, housing, planning, blgd & safety, dept of transportation...anywhere else you look or throw a dart at. Can also just spin wheel.)

TRANSCRIPT: L.A. MAYOR ANTONIO VILLAR ON NBC - "MEET THE PRESS." (In the 47 minutes show, they let him speak ONCE. Mini-appearance from a mini-mind:

MR. GREGORY: And I want to come back on this foreign policy points, but I want to hear from the mayor, as well. What is your take? I mean, here you are in a big Democratic state, in, in a city that is dealing all the major issues, from the economy to education reform. How do you see the way the debate is shaping up on the Republican side?

MAYOR VILLARAIGOSA: Well, I think the term was used now twice, it feels like these people are on another planet. I mean, the fact is America's out of work, too many people haven't been able to get back into the workplace. We're not doing enough to train those new workers. We're cutting infrastructure and transportation. In America's cities, we're, we're saying that America needs to focus at home again. And, and this issue of the war in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq is now an issue that's front and center of debate in our cities.

MR. GREGORY: Well, and you even talked about this in the gathering of mayors. We'll put it on the screen. The New York Times reported on a resolution that you're talking about: "Mayors See End of Wars as a Fix for Struggling Cities. When downturn-weary mayors from around the country gathered ... Friday for the annual meeting of the United States Conference of Mayors ... they introduced a resolution calling for the speedy end of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and calling on Congress to use $126 billion a year the wars cost for urgent domestic needs." You see missed priorities here.

MAYOR VILLARAIGOSA: Absolutely. You know, you have Democrats who don't want to address entitlements and Medicare and Social Security. You have Republicans who say that defense spending is off the table. So what's left? It's infrastructure, it's transportation, it's education, it's public health, it's eviscerating Medicaid and the safety net. And, you know, we actually have to represent these people. We don't live in the bubble of the Beltway. And I think for many of us, although we're about 80 percent Democrat, we're also very practical. And so the issue of pension reform is an issue that almost all of us have embraced. The issue of education reform, seniority and tenure, we're tackling these tough issues. And so we find, and I find, that the debate right now among the Republicans is so out of touch with everyday people who live on Main Street.

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