Saturday, December 31, 2011 Los Angeles City News MEGA-POST [12/31/11 -- Weekend/Year-End Edition] by Zuma Dogg (WINNER vs L.A. City Council in Best Twitter Beefs of 2011 - LA Weekly)

Hey Eric Garcetti & L.A. City Council: I told you guys, you were "L"OSERS, when it's between Zuma Dogg and YOU! Even LA Weekly thinks so. See the story, below..."L"OSERS! And, Oh yeah...they didn't leave YOU out, Carmen "THE CLIZOWN" Trutanich. I MOPPED THE CITY STREETS WITH YOU, ALL YEAR...just to pass time...and I got 24/7, 365 in 2012, BEA-ATCH! [HAPPY DOUCHE YEAR, MR. BRILLIANT LEGAL (CLOWN) STRATEGIST. You got CLOWNED by a clown! But I try to be one!]

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