Saturday, May 2, 2009

CalPERS (California Pension) CORRUPTION Uncovered by LA Daily Blog Reader

Once again, it's some familiar political names from that magical Los Angeles ASSembly and Council district CD 14 that you may recognize when you read the "connect the dots" story that is being spoon fed to Zuma Dogg, because I hope you don't think I am capable of this level of work under my current circumstances, or even best circumstances. But one thing ya boy has an ear for, is knowing when he see a fancy Fabian Nunez angora sweater unraveling with each new email update with more information on how YOU, your family, legal representation, and political cronies of the present and past can pilfer away not only the local CITY pension money (LACERS), but the STATE PENSION FUND (CalPERS). Hollywood needs to contact me ( and we can start writing the script. (Deniro to star, Scorcese to direct. Zuma to be extra.)

Here's Part 1.

I bet the city sure wishes they didn't take my income (when they took my job) at Venice Beach, WITHOUT MITIGATING THE CIRCUMSTANCES BY OFFERING A REPLACEMENT JOB BY THE TIME THIS ONE IS OVER! (Don't bet a Federal indictment over it!)

Have a nice day!

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