Sunday, May 17, 2009

LA Daily Blog WEEKEND Update

In the 60's Buffalo Springfield said, "Stop, children what's that sound, everybody look what's going down." Today, Zuma Dogg is saying, "Something BIG is happening here people!"

I'm in Del Mar, CA, right now, interviewing my inside source who used to be on retainer with Wetherly Capital on some pretty big things...until he didn't want to go along with the shadiness, and NOW he is EXPOSING it through Zuma Dogg and LA Daily Blog.

He's showing me all the documents and telling me everything; and a BIG problem is Wetherly's involvement with Gray Davis and Vivendi over a water fund during the 2002 elections when Gray Davis was re-elected.

You may say, "Why should we care about the Gray Davis election, from's OVER and he out of office?" The answer is because the politicians DO come and go, but the financial backers remain the same. Usually, the people at the grassroots level do not hear about the things happening in the closed door offices of the skyscrapers where these secret dealings go on. It's a high-jacking of democracy!

So now we have a person who was on retainer, in the meetings, and a main strategist that these people seemed to HAVE to hire, who is giving us insight.

And this guy isn't just anyone...he's quite known at an international level and is the kind of guy who can come up with information to cause a Federal judge to overturn jury awards; and when your multi-million dollar buisness needs you balance sheets to be cleaned up and make all the number work out, so you can make a clean getaway...THIS IS YOUR GO TO GUY.

The reason this guy is spending time with ZD is because he wants the people at the grassroots level to take the ball away from the few who control it and give it back to the people.

So in the meantime, as I am preparing the next round of posts that hopefully will cause a grassroots effort that will DEMAND the type of change that Mr. Source is calling for here's a recap of the past week on LA Daily Blog.


(Hello to Dan & Vicky from Zuma & Mr. "You Know Who" in Del Mar.)


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