Monday, May 4, 2009

NOTICE To Zuma Dogg's CalPER Story Helpers...

To the people sending me so much interesting information regarding the (CalPERS) California pension SCANDAL, and YES, it IS a scandal, please create a completely separate email account, with some kind of anonymous name like "" and only send to, no other related ZD email "Cc:". (Sometimes people send emails to more than one ZD email account. So remove those, stick to the Gmail address, and use an annonymous account JUST TO BE SAFE. (I don't trust my account. So that can go for EVERYONE! Lose the netzero address, stick to Gmail. I HAVE NO REASON TO FEEL THERE HAS BEEN A BREACH, but I am looking ahead, based on what I am reading about CalPERS and the people involved. YIKES! Gotta take all the info and channel it into a post. COMING SOON.

Here's what has been posted, so far (including recent LACERS (LA pension, too). But the CalPERS is even HUGER, of course, since it's Statewide:
Los Angeles Times, New York Times and Wall Street Journal could probably put their own story together based on what is being sent over to Uncle ZD. GET IT? (Someone is doing my work for me, and since I am posting it on my blog, THEY ARE ALSO DOING IT FOR YOU!!!) All the connect the dots are being connected with documentation that connects them.

HERE'S SOME LINKS SOMEONE WANTED ME TO SEE...Why don't you guys check it out. I'm not trying to be THAT much of an investigative journalist. But as a blogger, I am more than happy to pass it along for the big boys and girls:

Altura Capital

See also:
Were Former L.A. Times Editors Given Preferential Treatment in Coverage of a Local Los Angeles Scandal? 8/14/2008

(BIG DJ VOICE): CHECK IT OUT on YOUR, ALL CalPERS...ALL THE TIME blog...LA Daily! (I used to work in radio.)

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