Thursday, April 30, 2009

LA Weekly HOME RUN Issue (City Hall is the ball park, and shadiness is the ball!)

Wow! What a home-run issue of LA Weekly this week! I saw Patrick's cover story this morning, and then saw the rest of the issue. Nothing but hits, baby! You got the "Safest city the '50's" story, DWP $30 Million SLUSH FUND story, Jane Usher Slams Current LA City Planning Department, Jan Perry's Grand Ave Project shadiness (as if it's anything BUT) and way more good bad stuff to read! Here are links to all the fun:

And THIS little ole story that may come "Tumblin' Down" on City Hall like John Mellencamp on MTV in the 80's.

George Torres, Numero Uno No More: Even After His Racketeering Conviction, Questions Remain About Which L.A. Political and Business Figures Were Influenced by His Money


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