Saturday, May 23, 2009

Greetings International Money-Launderers, Their Crony Politicians & FEDERAL Investigators From Zuma Dogg!

[Pictured: Desperate stripper-embracer Ron "Jerkle" Berkle and the nation's second best public speaker. Sorry Bill.]

Well by now, an ex-President, ex-Governor, some Attorney Generals, NY news reporters and a bunch of current money launderers and their crony politicians may now be checking into this blog from time to time, or all the time, so I wanted to introduce myself and maybe you'll understand why I am so committed to EXPOSING cowardly acts of corruption, wherever it may be.

My name is Zuma Dogg and I am the greatest comedic improv performer alive, and probably of all time, although I think Jackie Gleason was good, too.

As I was pursuing my dream, I was selling my Zuma Dogg T-shirts on the beach side of the Venice Beach Ocean Walk (boardwalk).

On March of 2006, an LAPD cop comes up to me and tells me that I can no longer sell my Zuma Dogg shirts on the beach, and people couldn't sell handmade jewelery and candles and incense and other handmade items.

It wasn't the polices' fault. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaragiosa passed an illegal, unconstitutional law, on top of Federal law.

My friends and I went down to City Hall to let them know that T-shirts were protected under the FIRST Amendment, along with the other banned items.

Well, I found out Villaraigosa and his political thugs don't give a shit about Federal Law and I was told, "The City of Los Angeles runs the City, and if you don't like it sue."

Well, since then, I have become homeless and my life turned upside down, and I have turned into a bunch of Bruce Springsteen songs off the "Darkness on the Edge of Town" album. "Badlands" is my political theme song, and title track "Darkness on the Edge of Town" is my personal theme song, sad to say. And sometimes I feel like I'm walking "Streets of Fire."

So I am ONE pissed off dude! I don't have money and attorney's to sue, but blog space and wi-fi is free, so Bill, Andrew, Ron, Darius, Dan, Vicky and the rest of ya...


He took away my income, was arrogant about it, I lost everything...I sleep on the street...City Hall offered no mitigating circumstances, THEY WERE WRONG...A FEDERAL JUDGE OVERTURNED THE ILLEGAL VENICE BEACH LAW (LOL!), BUT NOW, THE BEACH IS OVER-RUN WITH GANG MEMBERS AND I CAN'T VEND THERE ANYMORE...

So all I do is sit around all day and post the corruption people send my way. I have been especailly hungry and really, really burnt out from sleeping on the streets, and the crankier I get, the harder I blog. VILLARAIGOSA isn't helping me as I am trying to get leverage on him to take me more seriously, and have one of his staffers return my call (213) 785-7272, cause I'm BIG ZD FROM THE 2-1-3...As U Can See!

Sorry I had to drag all of you into this, but y'all are rollin' with Antonio and I'm just trying to clean up the country, one despicable, greedy, desperate, pompous, arrogant, cocky, dumb elected official at a time. Nice to know you all!

Witness the legend!


And maybe you want to donate to me on PayPal for all my hard work today. The less money I have, the crankier I get, and the more I get mad at corruption and the MORE I BLOG ABOUT IT.

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