Monday, May 18, 2009

PENSIONGATE 2009: Master Blog Post of all LA Daily Blog links and exclusive content (Investigator's Edition)

Well, it's been two loooooooong weeks since some people started sending Zuma Dogg information concerning PENSIONGATE 2009, which includes a $7 Billion loss of L.A. City pension money in the stock market, last year.

And now, media coverage has picked up since Julio Ramirez plead guilty to charges that surround Dan Weinstein, Wetherly Capital, money laundering, Hank Morris and MUCH MORE.

After spending the weekend in Del Mar, spending time being "tutored" by my inside source (Mr. Source) who was on retainer with Wetherly Capital and sat in on some interesting board meetings that I blogged about over the weekend; coupled with all the other information posted on this blog over the past two weeks; all the names, firms, connections and rackets have been covered here.

So if you are an Attorney General for a U.S. state, or news reporter and are investigating all of this, I am certain you will find leads and information that will be helpful to you in your efforts.

HERE ARE THE LINKS, and make sure to read the comments in each section for much more additional "connect the dots" info.

My challenge now, will be to take the information on these blog posts and tie it all together in editorial form. But again, even if I never posted another has all been said, right here.

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