Thursday, September 11, 2008

LA Daily Blog WEEKLY LINK UPDATE & Question of the Week

Here are the most recent stories as blogged by Zuma Dogg on LA Daily Blog. Suitable for emailing to raise awareness with others as we roll into a local election season with every local talk show host talking about "lipstick" and everything else except what is happening in this City under Villaraiogsa and Los Angeles City Council.

CITY HALL WARNINGS CARRY OVER FROM MEETING TO MEETING?: But first, here is a question. Do you think it would be legal for City Council to have warnings issued at the discretion of the Council President and City Attorney TO CARRY OVER TO THE NEXT MEETING, consolidating warnings to one weekly cycle. So if you get a warning at 10 AM on Tuesday morning, they could kick you out, at 2pm on Friday's meeting -- WITHOUT HAVING TO ISSUE A WARNING. The cops can just roll up and say, "You gotta go. You were warned on Tuesday." Does that kind of thing scare you? Do they need to install a "warning scoreboard?" Oh, by the way...It's the law at LA City Hall!

MAYOR SAM READERS COMMENT ON "ZUMA DOGG vs CITY HALL": Thanks to all the readers of Mayor Sam who weighed in with comments over my recent civil rights violation that was bamboozled upon me Tuesday by the City of Los Angeles (Defendants). And have fun reading City Hall's nervous spin. The more you read them trying to spin, the more you will be convinced they are nervous as hell. That's why they are going to sit back and keep their mouths shut, from now on, when Zuma Dogg is addressing the City.

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